Let me introduce myself!


My name is Nina and as Synne has already told you that I'm the Dutch girl. I'm 16 and I live in small city called Delft. Right now two Norwegian girls are living in my house (Synne and Iris)and so far it has been great.

It so fun to let them try new food! I learned that in Norway they eat very healthy food compared toThe Netherlands. For example,it's not normal to eat candy's and other sweet things during the week. So they only eat candy on Saturdays. Also, in The Netherlands it's normal to eat white bread. That not how it is in Norway. They only eat white bread on special occasions or sometimes in the weekend.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy our blog! Stay with us, I'm going to post a traditional Dutch recipe soon!

A small foretaste of my recipe!

- Nina




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