Traditional Norwegian: SHEEP HEAD! (Smalahove)

Smalahove, or sheep head, is a very traditional course in Norway. It`s not as usual to eat it know as it was before, when the Norwegians didn`t have so much foodto choose from.

yeah.. potatoes saved the Norwegians. I love potatoes.

Smalahove is usual for Sundaysdinner, before Christmas (the last Sheephead has to be eaten the last Sunday before Christmas, weird I know!). This is still a tradition, but I believe it`s more traditional in the western part of Norway.

Personally, I have tasted Smalahove one time in my life. I don`t remember how i thought it tasted, but it did NOT look good!

Wanna see a picture? I`m warning you, t`s nasty!


So let`s cut the nasty stuff and go right to the recipe!

Ingredients: 2 pieces smalahove (sheephead)

Cookingtime: depends on howmuch time you`ve got, approxomatly 2-5 hours.

How do you do it?

1. Smalahove can either pull in water or steamed on a rack or pins such as lamb.

2. Should it be done the traditional way, the steaming should last4-5 hours, but recent patterns suggest that the steamingtime 2 to 2 / 2 hours is enough to get a good result. It is important not to use too high heat. High temperatures kill many flavors.

3. Smalahove normally served with boiled potatoes, power from the draw and rutabaga drain. But it can also be served with green peas and bacon fat. The traditional sausages from Voss in Norwayalso has a natural place in the sheep's head meal.

How do you really eat the Sheeps head?!
1. The usual procedure is to start at the ear. There are a lot of fat, and then apply it to get it out while it's hot. The same applies to the eye.

2. You start at the front part of the head and work yourself backwards between its teeth in the upper and lower jaw. So, breakthe jaw andyou can easily reach the eye. (YUMMY)

3.The eyeslitcarefully and you scrape out the eyeapple.What thenis left isthe eye muscle.Many counts as the best part of thesheephead. Many also consider the tounge as the best part of the sheep.


4. ENJOY, and continiueeating around the poor sheep`s head.

Good luck trying out the Smalahove, or good luck getting the images of a boiledsheep`s head off your mind...

This is me jumping in Vestlandet (The Western part of Norway, where Smalahove is much used)!

- Synne


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